Bad economy can be good for gardeners

by admin on March 31, 2008 · 4 Comments

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My friend Trey over at the Golden Gecko Garden Center in Northern California always post some thoughtful articles. In his recent one he comments on the result of the economy on garden centers.

I enjoyed his post and want to add one additional reason for people to shop at their local garden center right now…..saving money. The slow economy has caused many garden centers to drop their margins in order to pull people in, this means cost savings for the consumers. Over the last six months I have seen ads touting 50% off selected items, buy one get one free,  group pricing extended to a wider variety of plants, as well as offers of free delivery and installs. From a buyers stand point, if saving money is a priority now is a great time to be watching for those deals.
Rees Cowden

Nancy Bond

It’s good to know the economy has some positive effect. :) Garden centers would still be empty, for the most part, in this area. Soon!


Its always one thing or another when you are in the garden business, economy, weather, competition, etc. I think those of us with smaller garden centers have a real opportunity now to show people the value we represent. Buy local, save gas, save money. Reconnect with the community. Think about where your money goes. Garden.


I’m working on an article about getting more for our gardening buck, and stressing to people to support their local nurseries (as opposed to the asphalt garden centres made by the bigbox bullies). I tell people they get what they pay for, that quality is like oats. If they want oats that have already been through the horse, those come cheaper than freshly milled oats. :-)


I like to shop a few of our local non-chain garden centers. I find the staff has more knowledge and actual enjoys their work. Much more pleasant experience than dealing with a minimum wage earning teenager just waiting for his break.

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