Spring Tool Check-up

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Just because it may be wet and cold where you live doesn’t mean you have to wait for spring to get your gardening fix. Remember those tools you shoved into the corner of your shed or garage last fall? Now is the time to pull them out and get them ready to go to work.

Having tools that work at their best accomplishes at least two things. First it makes your life easier when you need to actually use the tool and secondly, if your tools are broken when you need them, you will have to waste precious gardening time getting them repaired.  Here are a few easy tasks you can do now.

  • Shovels- check for splits in the handles and replace or repair them and you won’t believe how much better shovels work with a sharpened blade. You can do this if you have a bench grinder or take it to an equipment shop and for a few bucks they will do it for you.
  • Hand shears- you can buy replacement blades for most brands if yours look worn. A little oil will go a long way. There is special oil for use on tools but I have found that salad oil works fine. Wet the spring and the hinge as well as the blade and just wipe off the extra.
  • Tree saws- Not much you can do to repair these. They can be sharpened but only by an expert. Unless you use yours a lot it probably is ok  but when you need one to cut well you don’t want to be let down so I usually just buy a new one each year if mine looks worn. Dull saws are the worst
  • For power tools I suggest you spend a few bucks now and have them serviced. Equipment repair shops are slow now and will give you a quick turn around and good pricing but wait a month or two and you will be at the end of a long line. This is a case where it definitely pays to be early.

One last thought on tools. This is one from my father. His quote is “Only a rich man can afford to buy cheep tools” What this means is that you should buy the best tools you can afford and keep them. Spend a little extra on quality and you won’t be replacing them every year.

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