The Daylilies are Coming!!!!

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The approaching Spring brings with it one of my favorite flowers, Daylilies.

There has been so much hybridizing and cross breeding since the original Stella D’oro (yellow) that I can’t decide which ones I like best. Centerton Nurseries has introduced a new mustard-yellow one called ‘Mean Mister Mustard’ with a giant a six inch flower. I couldn’t find a photo on their site but here are a few others that I have seen and I like. The good thing about daylilies is that they are profuse bloomers and relatively low maintenance, only requiring cutting back once or twice each year. The flower performance is definitely worth the effort. FYI while I was on the Criterton site, I notice a very nice plant search form to help you select plants for particular locations. I put a link to the form under my RESOURCES tab at the top of this page.

Rees Cowden


I love my day lillies. I even like them when they are just little foliage plants before they bloom. Yours are lovely.



Rees, I notice the first buds on my daylilies today! Not all have buds but a few. They usually bloom around Easter which was early this year so I expect some flowers in the next few weeks.

I also ordered (online- a first for me) some hybrids this year that should be arriving any day. Daylilies are so easy to grow. I don’t cut mine back though. Could you describe what you meant by that? I do however, divide mine to transplant in other beds.
Meems @HoeandShovel


Hi Meems, your daylilies have a jump on mine. Glad to see you’ve jumped into online ordering. Be careful though, it can get addicting. It is the best place to find exactly what you are looking for.
Regardiing cutting them back….. In the colder climates they die back each year. In more temperate locations they 05. maintain their foliage but will start to look ratty by late winter so I just give them a nice haircut and they come back looking fresh .

Di DeCaire

Those are some nice daylilies. I just got into hybridizing a few years ago. If you want to see my new 2 intros come visit. I will have many more photos when daylily season arrives, which is mid to late 07. here in Upstate NY.

Jane Marie

I:00a huge daylily lover as you will see on my site. They don’t flower here until 06.. 07. is our big show. Can’t wait. I have several new ones to look forward to blooming.

Nancy Bond

Daylilies are:00ong my favorites in the garden, and you have some beautiful ones.


Di, I’m looking forward to your new hybrids. I was in upstate NY a few weeks back and froze my toes (among other things). I don’t blame the poor daylilies for taking so long to bloom.

Jane, I checked your site and you have so many colorful photos. I also saw you are a proof reader by trade. Please don’t look so close here :)

Thanks for the nice comments.

Rees Cowden


I like daylilies a lot too. I don’t cut mine back though. I do pull out the scapes when they’re finished flowering. Once mine start blooming, I’ll post photos.~~Dee


how do you tell the diffrence between day lillies and tiger lillys? i thought i had day lillies but was recently told there tiger lillies. when i gooled tiger lillies most images has leafs coming off the flower stem mine dont. but the orange flower looks identical. idk what type of flower i have. i’ll post a pic when they start blooming 05. be a week or two.


They are actually two different genus of plants. Tiger lilies are true lilies (Lillium) and the day lilies are Hemerocalys.
If yours have leaves coming off a stem they are Lilium if all the leaves come from the base of the plant they are Hemerocalys…..
Send some photos anyways…

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