Trying to sell your home? Add some “curb appeal”

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Remember when your mother told you the importance of making a good first impression? Well, the best realtors understand the importance too. The first thing a potential buyer sees is the presentation of the home from the street and a big part of that is the landscaping. A well planned and maintained garden will go a long way in enhancing this initial impression. Here are a few easy tips that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  • Fertilize the lawn. Use a fertilizer high in nitrogen for a quick green up.
  • Prune and fertilize all the shrubs and trees.
  • Rip out any half dead plants. Less is more.
  • Add some simple urns or pots full of flowers on each side of the front door
  • Create a small flower bed near the street if you don’t already have one
  • Mow the lawn.
  • Window boxes with colorful flowers are always a nice touch
  • Add a mulch layer to all beds.

These simple steps should be relatively inexpensive if you don’t mind performing the labor yourself.

One other thought: some landscapers may be willing to do the work for you with the understanding that they will get paid when you sell the home. It can’t hurt to ask.

Rees Cowden


Excellent advice. I just helped someone this weekend with some outdoor staging. They loved red flowers and although they were bright, they were too dark and blended with the house. They needed white for showing power.

I can tell you that my home just recently sold and I think it was curb appeal that did it. There were many cons for my house but more pros in curb appeal. I sold before 90% of the rest of the houses put on the market the same time as mine and they had more going for them.

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