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It looks like Plantdiva guessed correctly! Several weeks ago I posted a couple of photos of a corm I found on a job-site. I wanted to see what it was so Grace and I planted it. It very rapidly rooted and once the shoots started to grow they seemed to double in size each day. I had several people make guesses but I think Air Potato Vine (Dioscorea bulbifera) was the correct guess. The heart shaded leaf is unmistakable.

The unfortunate part is that Air Potato Vine is a very aggressive, invasive plant so I’m going to have to dump it before it takes over my yard. You can see what it has done in the photos below. It has grown so quickly that it reminds me of Jack and The Beanstalk. Good job Plantdiva….now I will have to think of a prize I can give you……

As you can see, this bugger rivals the kudzu vine in aggressiveness.  It grows wild in Africa and Asia and is a relatively newcomer to Florida. Tests have shown that Garlon is successful in eradicating it if a good follow-up program is used. One Florida park has asked for help from the girl scouts who have now spent over 500 hours chopping it down from the tops of trees. This is a battle that needs to be fought now before it gets a strong foothold. Mine is headed for the dumpster.



My love affair with Kudzu is well known. Get rid of it fast before you have vine shaped statues of your friends and loved ones. It will even cover you as you sit perched on your toilet if you arent careful. Better eat your Wheaties.


Now that is:00azing ! .. to think we love those vines in our pots over the summer .. especially “Black Heart” .. it is a beautiful accent trailer .. but holy crap .. you guys have a nightmare to deal with when it lets loose ! Good Luck !

Nancy Bond

I’m glad you were able to put name to leaf! It’s quite pretty — so many pesky things are. :)


As always I’m happy to help a fellow gardener. Keep diggin it. The Plantdiva.

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