Here are some ideas for plants in hot locations.

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Some Like it HOT!!!!

If April showers bring May flowers what do the May showers bring? Summer flowers of course. April May and June are the most well known months for prolific blooms but if you select the right plants the summer heat  can bring lots of color too. Here are few summer bloomers that really prefer it hot. Plant them now for a great splash of brightness until the temperature begins to cool.Verbena

The colors of the Verbena species are almost neon. They grow great in zones 3-11. Colors range from pale lavender to burgundy lilac, coral to pink. They like it hot and dry, making them a good choice for pots.

Lantana is another one that likes it hot and dry and comes in a multitude of bright colors.

The whole sage family does great in the heat and provides lots of color, in bright red, pink, lavander and blue. The hotter it is the happier sage is.

If you have the summer heat and the high humidity there are several other options to try.

Firecracker flower is a prolific summer bloomer and is also a good one for attracting hummingbirds and is deer resistant! It’s fine texture makes it useful for developing contrast in the garden, something I believe is crucial to a beautiful garden.

Mexican Butterfly bush (Buddlea davidii) is heat resistant, drought tolerant and a prolific bloomer as well as a great butterfly attractant. This one comes in white, blue and lavander.

You can see that there are several good summer blooming plants for hot locations. Make sure you plant them so that you can see them from inside, where it’s airconditioned.

Rees Cowden

No Brown Thumbs


Great plant list. I grow them all. Whirling butterfly guara is also a heat loving bloom like crazy flower.


One of the new Butterfly Bushes I’m trying out from Proven Winners is a deep blue. I’ll be talking about it soon. Thank you so much for reminding me about the little critters. I still haven’t made it to get the little fence. I hope the critters don’t eat my stuff before I get it put in.


I love my butterfly shrubs too. The scent is:00azing all the time no matter how many times I smell them : )
That mini alpine plant with the white flowers on my site Rees .. Snow-over-the-alps (Cerastium Alpinum Subsp. lanatum) .. not a lot of info on it from what I found on the net .. almost treated as a weed in fact. All the same I do like the little guy !


Hey Rees,
I’m growing all the (heat loving)flowers you featured growing except the firecracker… not sure I’m a fan. I like that the butterflies like it but it gets a little wild and crazy for me. The others are “proven winners” (that was for anna)here in the heat and drought. My deep purple butterfly bush is blooming just this week and making me a happy gardener. Have you found that the lantana performs differently according to color? It has been my experience that the lavender and white actually bloom better when well watered. The deep red/orange seem to love it dry. Just wondering – some don’t agree… it 05. be just my own micro climate.
Have a great weekend—
meems @Hoe&Shovel

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