Christmas Gift ideas for Gardeners

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It’s the time of year when friends and family are starting to ask me what gift I would like for Christmas. You’re probably hearing that question too and asking it of others as well. I can always find something I want for myself, but sometimes it’s hard to decide on a Christmas gift for others, so once again, I thought I’d make some suggestions for Christmas gifts for the gardeners on your list. If these don’t sound good to you, review last year’s suggestions HERE

This year I’ve done something different. Instead of just making suggestions I’ve researched suppliers for my suggestions and added links to websites where you can buy the items. That doesn’t mean these sites they have my stamp of approval (except the last one). Some of these suppliers I have used and some I have not. I did my best to find what I think are reputable websites, but please give me feedback of your purchase experience.

So, without further ado, here you go! CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR GARDENERS 2010


Orchids are always a nice surprise and can be grown with minimal care – and as you know, the resulting flowers are exceptionally beautiful. If you live in a moderate climate they should thrive; even in cooler climates you can have some fun growing them inside. I suggest one of the Phalaenopsis or Oncidium types for novice orchid growers, and for someone with more experience, look for one of the more unusual ones like the Phragmepediums or Lady Slippers. You can even schedule a mail order delivery of a new one each month HERE to buy Orchid stuff.

Mushroom growing kit

Mushroom growing kits are a suggestion I haven’t tried myself yet, but I think I will soon. My son Wesley received one as a gift and had fun with it. He said he was able eat almost all of the mushrooms he was able to grow, and who doesn’t like mushrooms? Most of the kits are pretty self contained; all you need to do is get them started and wait. You can find a nice selection HERE

Compost Bin

Anyone with a garden can use a composter. Recycling clippings and other debris will save money and gives plants a great source of nutrients. This is a great project for kids to be involved in too. I prefer one that has removable side panels so you can stir and rotate as the vegetation degrades. Make sure to get one that allows lots of air to circulate because the microbes need plenty of air to do their job quickly. I’ve seen some that are barrels style or tubs that can be rotated easily but haven’t tried them. Just make sure they have good air circulation. Here is a source with many styles and price options. Click HERE for compost supplies.

Seed kits

Seed kits are always fun. How about a kitchen herb garden or some winter flowers for the windowsill? Once I received a nice “vegetable-garden-in-a-box” with seeds, labels, a guidebook, starter pots and a small bag of fertilizer. It’s a nice surprise and a pretty cool gift that keeps on giving. There are tons of web sources for seeds.  BURPEE SEEDS is one of the leading seed suppliers.

Need some ideas for kids?

How about a butterfly garden?

I always try to send the kids in our extended family gardening-related gifts. One hit was a butterfly garden in a box. You can find those HERE (for a small donation) or HERE for mixed packets of seeds at what seems like a good price. packets

Or how about a carnivorous plant? Kids love these too.

Here’s a bit of a science experiment wrapped up in a Christmas gift. Venus Flytrap’s are probably the easiest. Maybe give a Cobra Lily a try. Here is a site to try for meat eating plants

P.S. If you ever get the chance to visit Kew Gardens just outside of London do so. Besides a bunch of cool plants and beautiful gardens they have an elaborate carnivorous plant area (but keep your fingers in your pockets ☺). In case you want to learn more, here is a link to the National Carnivorous Plant Society.

Subscription to Sunset magazine

When I lived California I always looked forward to my monthly copy of Sunset magazine. It always has great articles on gardening for the western US and excellent recipes to too! Here is the Sunset website SUNSET

Porch Potty

Do you know someone with a puppy that is ruining the lawn? One of my most popular blog posts is titled “ Is Dog Pee Killing your Grass? Here is a suggestion for those friends and family members who have dogs. Click HERE for a doggy potty box. From the amount of interest I get in that article, I know there are lots of people out there who love their dogs but hate the damage they do to the backyard lawn.

And finally… TA-DA!!!!

MY EBOOKS— Available at Rainforth Home and Garden

Okay now for some blatant self-promotion. I was constantly getting questions from fellow gardeners about problems they were having growing tomatoes… “Why do they split?” “What is that big green worm?” “How often do I fertilize?” I answered all those questions and a bunch more in an eBook I wrote for the Rainforth Home and Garden Series called Growing Juicy Delicious Tomatoes. You can buy it HERE and I’ll email it directly to you; or if you prefer, I can even send it your giftee on Christmas morning. All we need is the email address of your recipient.

I hope these suggestions help you check a few family members or friends off your list. If you have any suggestions or other gift ideas, I’d love to hear about them. Please post a comment below.

Happy Gardening



These are all great gift ideas !
I especially liked the mushroom growing kit .. that would be very interesting : )


I’d like to try it too Joy, it’s on my list :) I knew a chef for a restaurant I once landscaped who would grow Shiitake mushrooms in the underground sprinkler control valve boxes……I think I’ll stick to the kits.

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