What are the black spots on my tomatoes?

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Tomatoes are fairly easy to grow but there a few common problems for new gardeners to deal with and one of them is tiny black spots that develop on the tomato fruit and eventually merge to form larger spots. Here is a photo of what I am talking about.

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In my book eBook, Growing Juicy Delicious Tomatoes I review this and most other problems you might encounter but here is a short explanation and solution for the black spots on tomatoes.

So what are these little black spots? Most likely these lesions start out as little black spots on the tomatoes fruit that look like little dimples and are slightly indented. They eventually increase in size and can become the size of a dime or larger.

Does this sound like what you have on your tomatoes? The most likely culprit is, Pseudomonas syringae also known as Bacterial Speck.

So what is the solution to these black spots on your tomatoes?

This is a disease that is spread when water splashes onto the fruit.

One partial solution is to minimize water on the plant. Never squirt the plants with the hose when watering. Instead, water by drip or flood irrigation. This should reduce the cause. If you want complete eradication of these little black spots on your tomatoes you will need to resort to chemicals….yes you heard me right. Copper Sulfate is the one to use, but this one is okay and in fact is actually considered an organic remedy. Copper Sulfate is available in most garden centers in various forms.

An application of Copper Sulfate will help clear up the black spots on your tomatoes. It must be sprayed on, be aware that it will also kill many beneficial insects so my suggestion is to do it late at night when most of the good bugs are not active. By the time morning arrives the spray will be dry and less harmful to the insects.

Oh and feel free to eat the tomatoes with the black spots, they are fine to eat and can be added to a batch of tomato sauce without any problems.

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If you need more details and my methods for growing great tomatoes, check out my eBook HERE.

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My cherry tomatoes have tiny black specks on them. They are not dimpled or indented, just a smooth speck of darkness. I was wondering if i can still eat them, as they are beautiful little fat juicy balls of deliciousness.


My tomatoes (cherry) began to crack and split. I believe that happens because i didn’t pick them when i should have. I think they were over ripe. Not all of my tomatoes were split tho, just the one’s that were fat and plump and obviously left hanging around to long. It’s like a water balloon if you over fill it….pop!!


Was and then eat…..should be fine.


Good analogy.

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