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How to Grow GIANT Pumpkins

September 26, 2009

Living in Florida it’s difficult to tell the seasons apart but certain holidays have a way of reminding me that things are about to change in most other areas of the country. Halloween is one of those occasions. My kids start weeks ahead discussing their costumes and getting excited about which friends with and where [...]

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Lombard Street AKA Candyland

August 24, 2009

Seeing the recent photos on the Internet of Lombard Street being transformed into a Candyland replica really brought back memories. Most of my early career in horticulture-related activities took place in Northern California. The City was just across the water and weekend trips to explore San Francisco were always fun. The city is so expansive [...]

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I found my camera battery charger!

June 6, 2008

I love looking at all the photos of peoples gardens on the gardening blogs and wanted to share a few of mine. I’ve been without a functioning camera for a while now but recently found my charger and spent a few minutes shooting some photos of flowers in my yard. I hope you enjoy them. [...]

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Time for a Quiz! Gardeners test your knowledge.

May 30, 2008

Ok all you gardeners out there time for a quiz. Make your best guess as to what this is a photo of. These copper leaves came out as one whirl, at the tip of the leader, and doubled in size each day. They went from nothing to 14 inches long in one week. Here is [...]

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Mr. Potato Head Update – Projects for Kids

May 28, 2008

Here is a progress report on our Mr. Potato project: Back in March, Gracie’s grandmother assembled the parts for a fun project to do with kids I wanted to share with everyone. I called it Mr. Potatohead. I can remember from my own childhood doing the same project, and I thought Gracie would have fun [...]

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Building a cheap water garden

May 9, 2008

How can I build a water garden cheap? I’ve been asked this question on several occasions, usually when I’ve presented a price for what a customer had asked me to build. Clients are usually surprised how expensive it can be to construct a well built, long lasting water feature. Water gardens can be problematic and [...]

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Are Square Watermellons Cool or Bizarre? Help me decide.

May 5, 2008

I’m not usually one to fall for gimmicks or the newest and greatest thing so I’m not sure how to react to square watermelons. I think they are kinda cool and could be a fun thing to do, especially if you are looking for a way to get kids interested in gardening but part of [...]

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Mystery Solved!!!!

April 8, 2008

It looks like Plantdiva guessed correctly! Several weeks ago I posted a couple of photos of a corm I found on a job-site. I wanted to see what it was so Grace and I planted it. It very rapidly rooted and once the shoots started to grow they seemed to double in size each day. [...]

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Bad economy can be good for gardeners

March 31, 2008

My friend Trey over at the Golden Gecko Garden Center in Northern California always post some thoughtful articles. In his recent one he comments on the result of the economy on garden centers. I enjoyed his post and want to add one additional reason for people to shop at their local garden center right now…..saving money. [...]

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Mr. Potato Head

March 28, 2008

I’m always on the lookout for ways to interest kids in gardening and my mother-in-law reminded me of one from my own childhood. You may have done this too. It’s the old potato on the windowsill experiment. Basically, you take a potato and submerge one half of it in water. In a short time roots [...]

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