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Veggies & Fruits

Mr. Potato Head

March 28, 2008

I’m always on the lookout for ways to interest kids in gardening and my mother-in-law reminded me of one from my own childhood. You may have done this too. It’s the old potato on the windowsill experiment. Basically, you take a potato and submerge one half of it in water. In a short time roots [...]

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Brewing good Compost

March 1, 2008

 My friend Lily in Texas posted a question about composting on her blog—just-another-day-in-paradise.html and it prompted me to write a post on the subject. Compost is an excellent way to improve a somewhat sterile soil. I won’t get too technical because I don’t want to put you to sleep but to simplify compost: increases [...]

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Get a jump on Spring vegetable garden

February 25, 2008

In case you have run out of patience and have an itch to get out and garden you don’t necessarily have to wait for winter to be over. You can always get a head start by planting vegetable seeds on any sunny windowsill. Here are a couple of sites where you can purchase mail order [...]

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