Here are some links to sites you may find useful. Please feel free to suggest any others you may run across.

Link to list of State Landscape Contractors Associations

Link to map of climate zones

A bunch of gardening blogs

Here is a very cool plant search site to help find plants for spacific locations

Here is a link to a list of deer resistant plants (notice I didn’t say deer proof)

For all you perennial fans ( fanatics) here is all the research you ever wanted.

Silk Greenery
Silk Plants Direct offers high quality silk greenery arrangements for indoor or outdoor use.

An interesting farm renovation project.




Hi Kelly,
Thanks for stopping by.
The answer is…..drum roll… depends. If it is cool outside and your soil is already damp you may be able to get away with watering the spots twice a day. In the summer, if it is warm outside, if you have a sand soil this twice a day watering won’t be successful. Best solution is immediately diluting the urine but you can buy some time with cool weather.
Good luck Kelly!


Hi Rees, I just read your post on dog urine and grass, thanks for posting that!! My quesiton is, how important is the timing of the dilution? Like say my dogs pee in the morning, do I need to spray the spot down immediately or can I do a twice per day spray of the entire lawn (like once in the morning and once at night?)

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